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Generative AI for Business Intelligence

Automated Insights for
Data Driven Teams.

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Amplify ROI of Your BI Investments

Virtual Assistant to Augment your BI experience

Powerful AI engine optimized to auto-generate analytical insights

Accelerate Decision-Making

Dialogue with your data to get instant answers to follow-up questions

Go from Complexity to Clarity

Distill complex visualizations to their essential insight

Automatically identify data anomalies

Ensure early detection of critical changes; capitalize on the opportunities

Eliminate Analytics Backlog

Enable 100% self-service and empower everyone to be data-driven


Everything you need to build your AI-Driven Killer App


Visual Query Builder

Excel-like simplicity and customization. Use built-in version control and switch seamlessly between versions


Easy Front-End Design

Simply drag, drop, and configure. Control navigation, add custom branding, and deliver powerful workflows


Search-Enabled Analytics

Intelligent typo-tolerant search engine. Powerful search suggestions to answer top of mind questions


Augmented Insights

Automatically tell data stories. In-chart explanations to summarize key insights and get everyone on the same page


In-Memory Computing

Analyze billions of data points on the fly. Go from raw data to insight in real time. No need for pre-processing or agg tables


Forms Integration

One platform to deliver insights and capture input. Build and deploy forms to gather front line intelligence


Permissions & Security

Control every aspect of the user experience: front end, interactivity, chart permissions, row-level security and more


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Standardized IAM for your enterprise. Supports JWT and SAML 2.0 for rapid integration; works well with Okta et al.


Device Agnostic Experience

Pixel-perfect mobile applications across iOS and Android devices. With turn-key companion apps for offline analysis

Use Cases

Some common ways customers unlock business value with Infinity

Custom BI Portals

Minimize time to value with our composable architecture, leverage built-in modular AI and BI components

Self-Service Analytics

Empower your entire team - from the sales rep to the CEO; easily create custom charts and dashboards

BI Transformation

Instantly transform existing

BI assets by layering on generative AI and powerful last-mile capabilities


Convert excel models into secure web apps; model, save, and share scenarios to drive decision-making

Analytics Catalog 

Enable unified access to all BI; access dashboards across platforms unlocking powerful wokflows, and drilldowns

Intelligent Alerting

Automatically scan your data to ensure early detection of critical trends; alert the team instantly, nothing gets missed

Praise for Infinity

"Intuitive... saves tremendous time simplifies how we do analytics"

Vice President
Field Intelligence

"Infinity is beyond state of art ...a great partner... Exceptional expertise"

Senior Director 
Sales Operations

“An elegant solution that allows us to quickly address changing needs”

Vice President
Decision Science


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